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Development Plan

Most suited for small and under-development projects,
200k messages per day, 300 concurrent connections.

{{ getMonthlyPrice("development") }} /mo
Charged {{ getInvoicePrice("development") }} {{ pricingMonthly ? "monthly":"annually" }}


Unlock premium features, reliability and auto-scaling.

{{ getMonthlyPrice("individual") }} /mo

Charged {{ getInvoicePrice("individual") }} {{ pricingMonthly ? "monthly":"annually" }}

What's included

  • Autoscaling
  • 1 million messages/day
  • 1,000 concurrent connections
  • Origin Validation
  • 5 Team members
  • Channel Protection
  • Email support
Most popular


Unlock Perferred server region and Blockchain realtime.

{{ getMonthlyPrice("agency") }} /mo

Charged {{ getInvoicePrice("agency") }} {{ pricingMonthly ? "monthly":"annually" }}

What's included

  • All in Individual
  • 5 million messages/day
  • 5,000 concurrent connections
  • Blockchain Support
  • Perferred server region
  • Priority support


Get more limits and 100% hold on your data with no-log policy.

{{ getMonthlyPrice("startup") }} /mo

Charged {{ getInvoicePrice("startup") }} {{ pricingMonthly ? "monthly":"annually" }}

What's included

  • All in Agency
  • 10 million messages/day
  • 10,000 concurrent connections
  • No-Log Contract
  • Support over shared Slack channel


For busy applications and growing businesses.

{{ getMonthlyPrice("business") }} /mo

Charged {{ getInvoicePrice("business") }} {{ pricingMonthly ? "monthly":"annually" }}

What's included

  • All in Startup
  • 20 million messages/day
  • 15,000 concurrent connections
  • MQTT support
  • 24*7 Phone support

Build A Custom Plan

Cost per thousand connections: $7
Cost per million messages: $1

Auto-sclable: $14 per thousand connections, $2 per million messages.


Messages/day in million

Calculated price for your custom plan.

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Enterprise plan Talk to sales to know more about our Enterprise plans.

PieSocket Partners

Using PieSocket For Your Clients?

We have a special partnership program for agencies. Make recurring revenue with 10% of the billings on your client's invoices.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What are concurrent connections?
It is the total number channel connections using your API keys. Your concurrent connection limit is the peak number of connections allowed at any given time.
How are messages counted?
A message is counted as number of messages delivered. Let's assume, there are 100 peers connected to your channel and one of them sends a message, it will be counted as 100 messages (99 if notifySelf is disabled).
Why chose a bigger plan when I can enable autoscaling?
Paying fixed price upfront for the resource usage results in cost-saving over auto-scaling.
How much does auto-scaling cost?
Autoscaling is available with all paid plans, it costs $2 per million messages and $14 per thousand connections. If autoscaling is disabled, extra connections/messages will be droppped.
What happens if I exceed my daily message quota?
With auto-scaling enabled, you will be charged $2 per million message for all extra messages sent over your plan's daily limit. To help you stay alert, we send out daily usage alerts every mid-night (UTC time). If you have auto-scaling disabled for your API key, post quota-exhaustion the server will refuse all connections.
What happens if I reach my concurrent connections limit?
Same as messages, with auto-scaling enabled the cluster will accept extra connections beyond your quota. Charges will apply as $14 per thousand connections. If autoscaling is disabled, extra connections will be droppped.

Hire Realtime Experts

Hire developers on our team to build for you.

Get it built by experts

Hire an expert developer within 48 hours.
Hourly rates range from $30-$100.

How it works

  • Post your project.

  • PieSocket experts review it.

  • Receive development plan within 24 hours.

  • Work starts within 48 hours.

Starts from

$30 /hour