Register for one of the following plans to get your API keys.

$0 / month


  • All paid features
  • 500k messages / day
  • 100 concurrent connections
  • Standard Support

$10 / month


  • All paid features
  • 1 million messages / day
  • 500 concurrent connections
  • Standard support

$29 / month

Starter Plus

  • All paid features
  • 3 million messages / day
  • 1000 concurrent connections
  • Standard support

$49 / month


  • All paid features
  • 5 million messages / day
  • 2000 concurrent connections
  • Standard support

$99 / month

Professional Plus

  • All paid features
  • 10 million messages / day
  • 5000 concurrent connections
  • Priority support

$139 / month


  • All paid features
  • 15 million messages / day
  • 7000 concurrent connections
  • Priority support

$199 / month

Premium Plus

  • All paid features
  • 20 million messages / day
  • 10000 concurrent connections
  • Priority support

$299 / month


  • All paid features
  • 30 million messages / day
  • 15000 concurrent connections
  • Priority support

$499 / month

Business Plus

  • All paid features
  • 60 million messages / day
  • 20000 concurrent connections
  • Support over Slack

$999 / month


  • All paid features
  • 100 million messages / day
  • 30000 concurrent connections
  • Advance data analytics & insights
  • Free integration assistance
  • Support over Slack

Enterprise Plus

Need a more customized plan for your business?

  • All paid features
  • Upto Unlimited messages and connections
  • Bulk discounts
  • Customized solutions
  • Advance data analytics & insights
  • 24*7 Phone support

99.99% uptime with all plans.

  • What are concurrent connections?

    It is the number of users/peers/clients connected to a channel at a time.

  • How are messages counted?

    A message is counted as number of messages delivered, lets say there are 100 peers connected to your channel and one of them sends a message, it will be counted as 100 messages (99 if notifySelf is disabled).

  • What happens if I exceed my daily message quota?

    With auto-scaling enabled, you will be charged $0.0000001 per message for all extra messages sent over your plan's daily limit. To help you stay alert, we send out daily usage alerts every mid-night (UTC time).

    If you have auto-scaling disabled for your API key, post quota-exhaustion the server will refuse all connections.

  • These plans do not meet my requirements

    Please get in touch with us with your requirements and we will setup a custom plan for you.

  • Can I upgrade mid-month?

    Yes, the pricing is prorated. You will pay for the new plan for the remaining days in the month, minus the amount not used from your previous plan's payment.

  • I'm looking to hire PieSocket developers

    Looking for help? we can connect you to PieSocket development experts. Get a free consultancy session, contact us.

Words Of Appreciation

  • Andrew Swiler

    Uniqbrow SL

    What a great team! Signed up for how easy it is to integrate, stayed for reliability and support.

  • Satish G.

    PurpleRain Technologies Inc.

    Shifting to PieSocket for Limecall was one of the best decisions we took!

  • Anthony La Rocca

    Highly recommended services, our developer suggested it and it has been a lifesaver since then.

  • Mark Lizada


    Thank you PieSocket team for taking away my worries about the WebSocket infrastructure.

  • Sam Toms

    The Design Yard

    PieSocket powers all of the projects that require websocket capabilities at our company.