Getting Started

PieSocket offers Channels, Portals and WebSocket API. Use the guide below to learn more about these 3 powerful SDKs.


Channels are realtime PubSub connections over WebSocket, they allow you to:

  • Subscribe to events on client side
  • Publish events from server
  • Publish events from client with C2C feature.

Channels are available for Web via CDN and NPM.

To use Channels on Android, iOS and IoT, you need to use the WebSocket API.

Get started with Channels

See the Channels documentation to learn more about how to use Channels.


Portals are programmable video streams over WebRTC, they allow you to build powerful video applications.

Get started with Portals

See the Portals documentation to learn more about how to use Portals.

WebSocket API

WebSocket API gives you direct access to our fully-managed WebSocket infrastructure. You can use a third-party WebSocket client to integrate PubSub with PieSocket Channels on almost any platform such as Android, iOS and IoT.

Following is the secure WebSocket endpoint format.


Get started with WebSocket API

See the WebSocket API documentation to learn more about how to use the WebSocket API.

Integration Guide

Use the guides below to integrate PieSocket into your application.

Frontend integration

Backend integration