Public Channels

Send inbound messages to users of your application in realtime.

Presence Channels

Show who is online, handle events when users join or leave your application.

Blockchain Realtime

Send messages to other users which can be verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

Advanced Security

Your data is protected with military-grade encryption, AES-256 .

Powerful REST API

Access and manage your PieSocket data through REST APIs.

Online Simulator

Test your channels online with PieSocket's WebSocket Tester.

1. Subscribe On The Client.

Use PieSocket SDK or a third-party WebSocket client, to subscribe to the realtime channels.

PieSocket offers direct access to the WebSocket Server API unlike competitors.

2. Publish From Server.

Publish messages to subscribed users, using PieSocket Server SDKs or with a POST request from your server.

PieSocket supports publishing messages from the Client SDKs as well.

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