PieSocketJS v1.0.15 Released - 18/03/2021

1 year ago

We released PieSocket-JS v1.0.15 today, this new version brings two new methods for the PieSocket class objects.


- pieSocket.unsubscribe - It is now possible to unsubscribe from a channel.

- pieSocket.getConnections - View all channel subscriptions of a client.

You can see the updated docs here: https://github.com/piesocket/piesocket-js#readme

Latest NPM module: https://www.npmjs.com/package/piesocket-js

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Channel ID can now be string - 01/03/2021

1 year ago

On popular demand, we have changed the allowed number of characters in the channel_id parameter of the WebSocket server API.

Updated doc: https://www.piesocket.com/docs/3.0/overview


- Channel ID can contain characters [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9] 
- Channel ID can contain special characters _ (underscore) and - (hyphen).

PieSocket Team

Introducing Commands Messages - 28/01/2021

1 year ago

Now it is easy to get a ping for a pong and find the number of total connected clients to a channel.


Introducing commands messages:
We added two commands that can help you send queries to the WebSocket server, we plan to add more command messages in the future as per the requirements of our customers.

View command messages section on this page to know more:  https://www.piesocket.com/docs/3.0/overview

Website Updates 17/12/2020

1 year ago

Users can now choose to opt-out of daily-usage-report emails and other email notifications from their PieSocket account settings.

WebSocket Endpoint Update - 16/12/2020

1 year ago

We made the following non-breaking changes in the WebSocket v3 endpoint.

  • Added a new parameter "cluster_id" to the v3 of the WebSocket endpoint
  • Changed the WebSocket endpoint domain from WebSocket.in to WebSocket.me (non-breaking)
  • PieSocketJS is updated to include the new parameter and use the new domain.
  • Fixed a bug related to counting of messages sent through API/publish

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