How To Use PieSocket’s WebSocket Server For Free

Websockets are pretty cool, right?!

With WebSockets, you can send a ping and get a pong back instantly in real-time. WebSockets are bi-directional, unlike boring REST APIs.

Welcome to another WebSocket article from PieSocket. Today we are giving away a free WebSocket server.

Setting up a WebSocket server is complex and making it scalable is even more complex. You should be able to test WebSocket into your application, without going into those complexities of actually launching one.

That is why PieSocket is giving you a completely free WebSocket server to start with.

Don’t believe it?

Head to our online WebSocket tester to test it for yourself. The online tester makes your job even easier. Now you don’t even need to write a WebSocket client for basic testing.

PieSocket WebSocket Tester

How Does This Work

PieSocket offers best-in-class managed WebSocket server hosting used by giants like Akamai and RedHat and a free WebSocket server for you to start with.

PieSocket is generally not free and the most basic plan starts with $7/month. But that should not stop you from having a FREE WebSocket server.

How to get the Free Websocket Server

On the online WebSocket tester page, you will find the following credentials.

You can use these demo credentials along with a unique channel ID to have your personal and free WebSocket server.

What is channel ID?
Head over to the PieSocket’s WebSocket Documentation to learn more about how to use the free server API.

Free API Key Details:

API Key: oCdCMcMPQpbvNjUIzqtvF1d2X2okWpDQj4AwARJuAgtjhzKxVEjQU6IdCjwm

API Secret: d8129f82f8dd71910aa4a7efa30a7297

Cluster-ID: demo

Hope that helps, all the best!

Feel free to ask us anything through comments or the support section.