An Alternative To Echo.WebSocket.Org – Live WebSocket Server


As you might have noticed Kaazing has discontinued their once popular service, which offered an endpoint for testing WebSocket client tools. The website is now taken down.

Users are now looking for an alternative to the server, a service that is already hosted on the internet so they can begin right away with the testing, without needing to develop and host a dummy WebSocket server themselves.

PieSocket has been long hosting such a service and you would love to know about it.

Here is the alternative you were looking for: Online Websockets Tester – Debug Client Tool

The alternative is a WebSocket client tool offered by PieSocket which also gives you a live test server to start testing with. alternative

Here is how the PieSocket alternative looks like, its located at: alternative

You notice a wss:// URL present in the address bar of the tool by default. This is the alternative of echo WebSocket server you were looking for.

Hold on, its even better!

The API Key Part

You notice the URL contains a api_key query string, what is it? the server did not have it.

This is where it gets better!

You can generate an API Key by signing up at and make this URL entirely yours.

So, if you were thinking of building a WebSocket server and spending hundreds of dollars in development and hosting. You can save it, PieSocket offers their Managed WebSockets Server at only $10/month to begin with.

Developing WebSocket server is easy, there are countless libraries there on Github, the worst part of it is scaling the server.

You will save yourself months of hardwork and head-banging by using PieSocket’s managed websocket server instead of building and scaling one yourself.

Features include:

  • Scalable websocket API
  • WebSocket SDK for web –
  • Available across 15 regions
  • Server-to-client Messaging
  • Client-to-client Messaging
  • Webhooks – Execute server-side code when clients send each other messages
  • JWT Authentication
  • Presence events – Know when users join or leave
  • Realtime Analytics
  • Message logs

More details about the managed WebSocket API is available at this page: PieSocket WebSocket Channels

Hope this article helps with you search for an alternative.

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