Never ever seen features.

PieSocket is leading innovator in real-time technology.

Direct WebSocket Access

Freedom to integrate PieSocket without installing third-party libraries.

Realtime Blockchain

First time ever, experience Web3 in realtime with PieSocket.

Mora than 50% cost saving

Cut more than 50% on your monthly Ably bills.


Ably plus
  • 100 free connections.
  • 200 free connections.
  • $702 for of 5,000 connections.
  • $99 for 5,000 connections.
  • $702 for of 15 million messages.
  • $99 for 15 million messages
  • No API Access to WebSocket Server.
  • Direct Access To WebSocket Server
  • Blockchain support.
  • Blockchain support.
  • Native Mobile SDK.
  • Integration supported via any WebSocket client.

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