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Realtime Made As Easy As Pie

Subscribe with our Client SDKs, and Publish events from the backend.

Cost Savings
Messages Delivered Per Day
10 Billion+

1. Subscribe On The Client.

Use PieSocket SDK or a third-party WebSocket client, to subscribe to the realtime channels.

PieSocket offers direct access to the WebSocket Server API unlike competitors.

2. Publish From Server.

Publish messages to subscribed users, using PieSocket Server SDKs or with a POST request from your server.

PieSocket supports publishing messages from the Client SDKs as well.

  • The Design Yard

    PieSocket powers all of the projects that require websocket capabilities at our company.

    Sam Toms
    Founder, The Design Yard
  • Uniqbrow SL

    What a great team! I Signed up for how easy it is to integrate, stayed for reliability and support.

    Andrew Swiler
    Co-founder, Uniqbrow SL

    Highly recommended services, our developer suggested it and it has been a lifesaver since then.

    Anthony La Rocca
  • FireBooth

    Thank you,PieSocket team, for taking away my worries about the WebSocket infrastructure.

    Mark Lizada
    CEO, FireBooth

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